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The Help Soldiers Rx Card is proud to be the top donor to the Walter Reed Society for the year 2012. During a ceremony held by the Board of Directors of the Walter Reed Society, we were honored to be presented with the Combat Medic Award in appreciation for our support to all our wounded warriors. We were also featured here in the Walter Reed Society Newsletter. Many thanks to everyone who participates in this program which provides help to our wounded hereos and their families during their greatest time of need.
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Helping Our Wounded Heroes
The HelpSoldiers RxCard proudly Supports Our Troops by donating $1.00 that directly helps soldiers and their families every time you use your card to save on your prescriptions at your Walmart, Sam's Club, or Neighborhood Market by Walmart pharmacy.
Because of you a wish came true!
Help Soldiers Rx would like to thank all of you who donated to allow us to fulfill another wish in the Help Soldiers Rx/Make-A-Wish program.
HelpSoldiers.org is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of this documentary detailing the actions of a true American hero in combat.

We encourage everyone to please share this amazing story of the courage demonstrated by Capt. Larry Liss on May 14, 1967 in Vietnam. Click on the link or press play below to watch this preview.

                                   Larry Liss and the Miracle Rescue at Cau Song Be
Watch the Official Trailer of the new exclusive documentary!
                                  HelpSoldiers.org and Ariano's Restaurant Event

Our St. Patty's Day fundraiser was a big SUCCESS! We raised over $13,000.00. The first monies will be used for a much needed wheelchair for Monika's daughter, Chrissy. We sincerely appreciate the generosity of those great folks who contributed to the above event. Next year's will be bigger!
                                                               Chrissy's Story

Chrissy is 28 years old and was born with severe cerebral palsy. Her father was an Army Veteran and upon reading her story, you will understand why Help Soldiers will be earmarking a portion of the proceeds from the St. Patty's Day Party/Fundraiser to help this family. Click Here to read Chrissy's story and be sure to watch her 3 minute video below.

Offering customers a safe, effective alternative to prescription painkillers, other toxic prescription and over-the-counter drugs that contain harsh chemical compounds alien to nature’s perfect remedies.

Click Here to receive your 15%* Help Soldiers’ discount and for each purchase, a donation is made to help and support our military and their families.

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                 Why Help Soldiers Partnered With Green Roads

I am Jim McGonigle, the founder and CEO of Help Soldiers. On January 29, 2018, I fell in Key West, and for the next 12 days and, after 4 ER visits and 3 Doctors' appointments, was in constant pain.  Finally we drove home and only after finally getting an MRI, did I find out that I tore my hamstring off the bone. No pain medication had any effect whatsoever, but after 6 weeks the pain was beginning to subside thanks to scar tissue forming.

However, during these 6 weeks I began to "favor" my left leg whenever I took a step and, as such, developed a pain in my calf [along with muscle spasms] that bothered me every time I took a step. That brings me to why I am writing this. On April 19th, a good friend of mine, gave my wife Kathy and I each, a bottle of Green Roads 550mg CBD oil. We literally took the 3 drops under the tongue in his parking lot. The next day, April 20th, when I put my foot on the floor in the morning for the first time there was NO PAIN or muscle spasms in my calf. From that moment on I have not experienced any pain/discomfort at all. On May 27th or 38 days later, I walked 20 miles with ZERO PAIN!

In addition to my personal story, my wife, Kathy, and 14 other folks [family and friends] who have used the 550 mg bottle--have their own stories of the positive effects of this product. I am sharing this experience with you because we partnered with Green Roads to promote this wonderful, non-opioid oil that has changed my life. I fully expected to live with the chronic pain in my calf forever until taking these drops of CBD oil. Our goal going forward is to make as many people as possible aware of the potential benefits of this product. Simple as that!

Anyone having any questions or comments can reach me at [610] 322-1889 or email me at jimmymac0219@aol.com .

I intend to take these 3 drops per day [under my tongue] for the rest of my life.